RTM-Worx FEM/CV flow simulation software
Controlled Vacuum Infusion technology


Polyworx develops and licenses the RTM-Worx flow simulation software for Resin Transfer Moulding and Vacuum Infusion. We also implement Controlled Vacuum Infusion technology for our customers, including on-site training. Our RTM-Worx software makes it possible to do the experiments on the PC instead of in the mould and continues to be very accurate. Several projects are documented on this site for interested composite related manufacturers and universities.

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[top] 29 March 2021: RTM-Worx 3.10 released!

With improved 3D rendering, more options for shaded & contour plots, the possibility to add custom viscosity models and boundary conditions in SALT, better error reporting and several other enhancements, version 3.10 is the best RTM-Worx ever!

[top] 8 July 2019: RTM-Worx 3.9 released!

The most important changes and additions were made to the interactive environment: new commands in geometry (keypoint, curve, surface and region) editors, hit testing & selection of regions by the mouse, and rotate and zoom now anchor at the point under the mouse cursor. There have also been some enhancements to SALT, primarily to support programming larger applications.

[top] JEC World 2019, 12-14 March, booth 5E80

Polyworx is exhibiting in the Holland High Tech pavillion, Hall 5 - Booth E80. Together with Inholland University for Applied Sciences and Twenco, we will demonstrate the application of augmented reality with model-based process monitoring. With the new solver for our SALT platform, it is now possible to run a large number of simulations in parallel, to make it possible to match models with feedback from sensors in real-time, even for complex 3D problems.

[top] 12 February 2019: RTM-Worx 2019 released!

Some major changes have been made to support running multiple solvers concurrently using the SALT threading library and RtwxLib. The new solver not only scales better, but it uses less CPU resources and got faster too! Other enhancements are an improved DDE interface with the RTM-Worx GUI (to allow it to be remotely controlled from SALT scripts), and many improvements to the SALT scripting language and libraries.

[top] FPCM-14, 30 May- 1 June 2018 Luleň, Sweden

At the FPCM-14 Conference we present a scripted, parametric modeling approach for full 3D analysis of wind turbine blades, 3D unstructured mesh generator technology that combines classic Delaunay triangulation with non-linear non-smooth mesh optimization and a 3D tetrahedral FEM/CVM element formulation.

[top] JEC World 2018, 6-8 March, booth 6R74

Polyworx will exhibit together with several other companies from The Netherlands in the Dutch Composites pavillion. We will be happy to discuss how we can provide you with solutions for infusion and RTM, based on our RTM-Worx software. And of course, we can demonstrate our latest developments, like full 3D capability, process monitoring and control (real-time on-line calibration of flow models using sensor feedback) and parametric generation of complex 2.5D and 3D models using the SALT scripting language.

[top] Turk Kompozit 2017, Istanbul, Turkey, 5-6-7 Oktober

This year, we join our Turkish representative INORES, exhibiting at the Composites Summit 2017. On Thursday 5 Oktober, Arjen Koorevaar will present our work on 3D flow modelling (mesh generation and Finite Element design), the high-level SALT scripting language and application in model-based on-line process monitoring and control.

[top] 3 Oktober 2017: RTM-Worx 3.8 released!

RTM-Worx 2017 contains a lot of new and improved functionality and all the tools required to build on-line real-time process monitoring and control applications. In addition to the interactive graphical user interface, RTM-Worx is now also available as the library module 'RtwxLib' for our powerful SALT scripting language. This makes it possible to combine our solver with networking, file i/o and multithreading provided by the SALT environment.

[top] ISCM-7, August 24-25 2017, Braunsweig, Germany

The DLR organizes the 7th International Symposium on Composites Manufacturing for High Performance Application (ISCM) in Braunsweig. Polyworx will contribute with a presentation about the work done in the ECOMISE projecton integrating the RTM-Worx flow analysis software with data acquisition equipment for validation of simulation models and automatic calibration of material properties to increase accuracy of the simulation model by matching it to the actual process.

[top] FPCM 13 Conference, July 6-8 2016, Kyoto, Japan

At the FPCM 13 conference, Arjen Koorevaar will present our latest work on real-time on-line process monitoring and control. This includes a live demonstration of the software in action: a 3D simulation that is recalibrated using in-mould sensor data, using the data from resin arrival and curing sensors recorded during an actual injection.

[top] JEC World 2016, 8-10 March

This year we will exhibit at the new venue, Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center. You are welcome to visit us in Hall 5, booth Q84. We are demonstrating new developments, recent applications, and will also be happy to inform you about the the ECOMISE project.

[top] JEC Composites Show 2015, Paris Expo, 10,11,12 March

You can find us in Hall 7.2, booth A44. We are launching our full 3D solution for RTM and infusion, which will be released as part of RTM-Worx 2015. Please visit our stand if you are interested in a real-time 3D demonstration (yes, it is very fast!), the complex models that RTM-Worx 3D can handle (yes, it is very robust!) or how we combine 1D runner, 2D shell and 3D volumes in a single model (yes, it is ready for industrial applications!).

[top] FCPM 12 Conference, 14-16 July 2014, University of Twente

The 12th International Conference on Flow Processing in Composite Materials is held from 14th - 16th of July 2014 at the University of Twente, Enschede, the Netherlands. We are proud that Arjen Koorevaar has been invited to give a keynote speech on RTM Simulation (Wednesday 15 July). He will present the state of the art as it is practiced today, some benchmarks to illustrate the speed and accuracy of flow analysis software and show lots of industrial applications in Wind Energy, Automotive, Aerospace and Boatbuilding, especially the very impressive ones (like infusing 14 tonnes of vinylester in a singlel shot) and widely varying (some very creative) solutions to inject fiber reinforced parts.

[top] JEC Composites Show 2014, Paris Expo, 11,12,13 March

We will exhibit in the Holland Pavilion, Hall 7.3, booth H10. Visit us for an update on the latest developments in RTM-Worx. Release 2013 has significant new features and several commands have been considerably enhanced. Importing CAD models and cleaning them up has become much easier! Release 2014 is on it's way, for which the new full 3D module is almost ready. We are also working on implementation of new injection/compression processes for composites manufacturing and started the ECOMISE project with several partners to integrate 3D modelling, draping and fiber placement simulation, flow analysis, flow monitoring and prediction of product properties.

[top] JEC Composites Show 2013, Paris Expo, 12-14 March, 2013

Visit our booth Z25 at the JEC Composites Show to learn how our software and technology can speed up your development and take the risk out of your liquid injection moulding process. We will show the latest developments of our state of the art RTM-Worx software for RTM and Resin Infusion and recent applications of our CVI technology, which are getting both more complex and larger in scale.

[top] METS 2012, Amsterdam RAI, 13-14-15 November, 2012

Polyworx co-exhibits in booth nr. EL.50, with MCtechnics. Visit us to learn about the latest developments in our RTM-Worx flow analysis software and the CVI techology: use of 'green' materials, the investigation of print blockers and surface quality of infused parts we did in cooperation with a group of Dutch yacht builders and the state of the art in infusing large complex parts, like the Sunseeker 155.

[top] ISCM 2012, Stade, 24-25 October 2012, 2012

Mr. Gadi Adler from Xenom will present how we cooperate to develop the manufacturing process of complex carbon composite parts in very short time by doing engineering in parallel with mould construction and use flow analysis to eliminate the risks.
In cooperation with Synthesites Arjen Koorevaar will present state of the art process monitoring and control technology for RTM and Resin Infusion with the flow and curing sensors of Synthesites which are available in versions that can be permanently placed in moulds, but also in low cost versions which can be used at the flexible bag side.

[top] JEC Composites Show 2012, Paris Expo, 27-29 March, 2012

Visit our booth Y46 at the JEC Composites Show for the latest developments in our RTM-Worx software and state of the art liquid injection moulding technology. This year, we exhibit together with three other companies: Synthesites, Acrylic One and NedCam. This is a lot of advanced composites technology packed together: In-mould sensors and process control, CNC milling, advanced materials for building and construction, flow analysis software for RTM and Resin Infusion and CVI technology. We will be happy to inform you how we can help you to gain a competitive edge!

[top] Seatec 2012, Carrara, Italy, 8/10 February, 2012

Our representative for Italy, MathFem Srl exhibits at the Seatec Int. Exhibition (booth 1066, Aisle 34, Zone E) and Arjen Koorevaar of Polyworx will be present Wednesday and Thursday. MathFem will give a presentation on Wednesday at 15:00 (Pav. B - Sailing Area) about the RTM-Worx software and it's application for the Resin Infusion and RTM processes. In addition, MathFem/Polyworx is participating in the 'Demo Live' area, organised by Prof. Marino Quaresimin - DTG UniversitÓ di Padova.

[top] METS 2011, Amsterdam RAI, 15-16-17 November, 2011

Like last year, Polyworx will exhibit in booth nr. 11.539, in cooperation with Brands Structural Products. If you are curious how we broke our own infusion record, how we managed to infuse a 62 meter hull (8.5m high, 10m wide) in only two shots (14000 and 8000 kg/shot respectively) in two days with continuous fibre reinforcement and a single bag, make sure you pay us a visit! This is the kind of technology we can supply, but we also have solutions for smaller parts. With CVI you can not only eliminate your technical (and financial!) risks, but it is possible to engineer a solution which best suits your requirements in terms of labour, productivity, material and equipment cost and we can calculate this up front. Our RTM-Worx flow analysis software, which enables CVI, has been enhanced: new import facilities and several customized solutions (implemented using our SALT technology).

[top] JEC Composites Show 2011, Paris Expo, 29-31 March, 2011

Visit our booth N56 at the JEC Composites Show for the latest developments in our RTM-Worx software and state of the art liquid injection moulding technology. With our CVI technology, we have set world records, but they won't hold long because we are about to break them!

[top] METS 2010, Amsterdam RAI, 16-17-18 November, 2010

Polyworx will exhibit in booth nr. 11.539 , in cooperation with Brands Structural Products. RMK in Tuzla, Istanbul, Turkey established a world record in April this year: infusion of 6.3 tonnes of vinylester resin in a single shot for the Oyster 125' hull and we developed the technology to make it work! First time right and due to the experience that RMK built up with infusions for the Oyster 100', it was not only the largest, but also simply the best infusion they have done. We have also infused two North-Line 42' hulls for Jachtbouw Zevenhuizen, not just a sandwich, but with all the stiffeners included in a single shot, saving two weeks time in the mould. Pay us a visit if you want to be at the leading edge of infusion technology as well and are interested in doing so with our support to eliminate your risks, either by licensing our flow simulation software (with proven accuracy, so it can replace all your in-mould trials by injections on screen) or using our consultancy services. If you still need to decide whether infusion is a feasible technology for your project, or if you are building a large yacht and have to choose between aluminium or composite, we can offer you a free cost estimate that includes labour and materials. Or if you are just curious what is going on: we are in booth nr. 11.539 and will be happy to tell you all about it!

[top] JEC Composites Show 2010, Paris Expo, 13-15 April, 2010

Polyworx will exhibit at the JEC Composites Show, booth nr. N82. We finished the core of our new SALT platform for high level scripting in RTM-Worx! In addition, we have been quite busy redefining the meaning of 'large infusions', with the Oyster 100' and 125' projects (check out the Oyster 100' infusion pictures ) and developed a technology to infuse structures of more than 6 meters high in multiple shots without removing the bag! Want to know more? Pay us a visit in booth N82.

[top] METS 2009, Amsterdam RAI, 17-18-19 November, 2009

Polyworx will exhibit in booth nr. 01.404, in cooperation with Brands Structural Products. Come to our stand and see how the largest parts ever infused worldwide have been done! We also can show pictures now from the infusion of the Oyster 100' hull (3600 kg) and deck (1250 kg), a project we are doing for RMK in Tuzla, Turkey. Not only large boats, but also smaller boats can be done economically with infusion. We developed a calculation method that allows us to make close estimates of the material cost and manhours for an infusion project. If you want to be up to date with state of the art in infusion technology, make sure you pay us a visit!

[top] Metyx Second Biennial Composite Summit
June 1-6, 2009, Istanbul, Turkey

Metyx organises it's Composite Summit for a second time: a large event for the composites industry with technical presentations and practical demonstrations! Arjen Koorevaar will be present to give a presentation about the latest developments in infusion technology, presenting several recent projects.

[top] JEC Composites Show 2009, Paris Expo, 24-26 March, 2009

Polyworx will exhibit at the JEC Composites Show, booth nr. C18. The CVI technology has been developed further by us to do more complex and larger parts. We developed an integrated part and mould system, where both part and mould are made together with infusion technology. If you want to be up to date with the current state of the art in infusion and RTM process modelling, be sure to pay us a visit!

[top] METS 2008, Amsterdam RAI, 18-20 November, 2008

Polyworx will exhibit in booth nr. 01.603, in cooperation with Brands Structural Products. CVI technology enables infusion of large complex structures, and the largest parts that have been infused worldwide, have been done with our technology. We are developing a new system to infuse moulds in cooperation with several material suppliers. Because the demands on moulds are even higher than the requirements for the parts made with it, it only makes sense to build the molds with the best technology for composites construction available! Just pay us a visit in booth nr. 01.603, or send us an email for more information.

[top] ISCM 2008, DLR Braunsweig, 7-8 May, 2008

This year the DLR organizes the ISCM in Braunsweig, in cooperation with the Dutch Aerospace Laboratories NLR. Arjen Koorevaar will give a presentation about the most recent developments in the leading flow analysis software for RTM and Resin Infusion, RTM-Worx. The main focus of his presentation will be on 3D flow analysis and the SALT scripting extension, which has been developed for real time on-line process monitoring and control, but actually extends RTM-Worx into an open platform where the only limit will be your own imagination.

[top] JEC Composites Show 2008, Paris Expo, 1-3 April, 2008

Polyworx will exhibit at the JEC Composites Show from 1 to 3 April. You can find us in the IT Village, booth nr. C37, click here for the interactive floor plan. We will demonstrate the latest version of the RTM-Worx flow analysis software to which we have added SALT: an embedded scripting language that provides access to all RTM-Worx internals. With SALT, initially designed for on-line real-time model based control, RTM-Worx has evolved from an interactive application to a very flexible open platform for modelling liquid injection moulding processes. If you want to discuss your next RTM or infusion project, feel free to visit our booth and talk with the experts!

[top] METS 2007, Amsterdam RAI, 13-15 November, 2007

Polyworx will exhibit in booth nr. 02.138, in cooperation with Brands Structural Products. We have a lot of new material from recently carried out projects and done considerable development on the RTM-Worx software, which is now better, faster and more versatile than ever. If you missed us at IBEX, we can fill you in on all the details you need to know to infuse large complex composite parts without any risks. In addition, we can provide you with new insights in material selection (matching flow media to core and reinforcement), cost effective application of infusion, achieving man independence and all other details that are important for succesfull implementation of Vacuum Infusion technology.

[top] IBEX 2007, Miami Beach

October 10-12, 2007 - Miami Beach Convention Center, Florida, USA
At the IBEX, Arjen Koorevaar will be a speaker at the seminar. He will do session 204, Challenges of Large-Part Closed Molding, with Willis Jerome (Tiara Yachts) and Gordon Lacy (Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory). Arjen will talk about the specific issues you have to deal with infusing large parts and present the latest insights on the design of fool-proof optimised infusion techniques illustrated by examples from several projects, and a case study of the Pantera project: infusion of the hull of a high speed (55+ knots) 76' powerboat.

[top] Metyx Composites Days - June 18-22, 2007, Istanbul, Turkey

Metyx organises a large event for the composites industry with technical presentations and practical demonstrations! Arjen Koorevaar will be present to give a presentation about the state of the art in RTM and infusion technology, explain the inner workings and application of flow analysis software for RTM and Infusion illustrated with lots of application examples. For more information about this event click here.

[top] CFK-Valley Stade Convention 2007, June 13-14, Stade, Germany

Visit us at stand 13. Polyworx will exhibit and demonstrate the RTM-Worx software. This year, there will be a major new release of RTM-Worx! If you would like to know about the new developments, pay us a visit in booth 13. For more information about this convention: click here.

[top] JEC Composites Show, April 3-5 2007, Paris Expo, France

Visit us at stand Q73. We will demonstrate the latest release of RTM-Worx, as well as some features under development and to be released later this year. As always, we have lots of examples of applications in Aerospace, Wind Energy, Yacht building and other industries.
Tuesday 3 April, Arjen Koorevaar will give a technical presentation at the JEC End-users Forums (Marine), about the technology we developed together with our customers for the infusion of large parts. For more information about the JEC End-user Forums click here, or the JEC show (including the floorplan and exhibitors list) click here.

[top] Polyworx moved to Nijverdal

Our new contact details:
Heemst 10, 7443 EH Nijverdal, The Netherlands
Phone: +31 548 612217

[top] METS 2006, Amsterdam, 14-16 November, 2006

Polyworx will exhibit in booth nr. 01.509, again in cooperation with Brands Structural Products. Visit us for an update on the latest developments in CVI technology and for a demonstration of the RTM-Worx software. MGS (Hexion) will be there as well, together we can tell you all about the technology used to build the Dutch Carbon 36
Arjen Koorevaar will also give a presentation at the European Boatbuilder Tech Forum on Wednesday November 15 at 16:00 titled 'The Clever Way to Infuse Large Parts'. In this presentation, Arjen will explain how a good understanding of the physics of the infusion process can help you to make nature do the hard work for you: get all the benefits that infusion promises without the risks. Some of the topics that will be covered are: flow balancing, selection of flow media, use of core as a flow medium and the reasoning behind several injection strategies, including why the fishbone strategy works better for sailing boat hulls than parallel lines. For more information, click here.

[top] Lujitemuovipäivät, Kokkola, Finland, 26-27 October, 2006

Polyworx has been invited by SAMPE Finalnd to give a presentation at the annual Composites Seminar, this time taking place in Kokkola, organised by Ketek. Arjen Koorevaar has given an overview of the CVI technology and detailed information about the flow balancing concept that is not only applied globally, but also to the layup to ensure very good results when injecting complex parts using infusion or RTM. For more information, click here.

[top] Composites Europe, 20-22 September 2006, Essen, Germany

Visit us at the booth of Brands Structural Products BV, 1A640g, for an update on the latest developments in flow analysis technology for RTM and Infusion, a demonstration of the RTM-Worx software or to discuss your project. More information ... >>

[top] Aeronautics Days 2006, 19-21 June, Vienna, Austria

The COMPROME consortium will present the current state of research and development for the work done on Monitoring, Optimisation and Control of the RTM and Resin Infusion process at the Aeronatics Days 2006 in Vienna, Austria. You can find us at stand number 48. George Maistros from INASCO Hellas will give a presentation on Tuesday 20 June, Session B.6 (programme). More information ... >>

[top] The 17th SICOMP Conference, June 12-13, 2006

The 17th SICOMP Conference on Manufacturing and Design of Composites will be held on Monday 12 and Tuesday 13 June 2006 in Pitea, Sweden. Arjen Koorevaar will present the work done on Monitoring, Optimisation and Control of the RTM and Resin Infusion process which is carried out as part of the EU STREP COMPROME programme. More information ... >>

[top] ISCM 2006, 17-18 May, the Netherlands

The third edition of the International Symposium on Composites Manufacturing, has been held on Wednesday 17 and Thursday 18 May 2006 at the National Aerospace Laboratory NLR in Marknesse, The Netherlands. Arjen Koorevaar presented the development work that is done in the COMPROME project on the Monitoring, Optimisation and Control of the RTM and Resin Infusion process. More information ... >>

[top] SAMPE Long Beach April 30 - May 4, 2006

On Wednesday May 3rd, Arjen Koorevaar will present recent developments of the RTM-Worx software and illustrate this with several application examples in a paper titled "Liquid Injection Moulding Flow Analysis: Beyond State of the Art". More information ... >>

[top] JEC Composites Show, 28-29-30 March 2006, Paris Expo, France

Visit us at stand R43 BIS for a demonstration of the latest developments in liquid molding flow simulation technology, examples of recent projects (we have lots of photographs!) and to learn how you can benefit from the RTM-Worx software and/or our consultancy services.
For a brief summary of our current activities and products, attend the Technical Sales Presentation: Wednesday March, 29th, 2006, 12:30 pm. More information ... >>

[top] Dutch Carbon 36' infusion pages are up!

Find out more about the infusion of the all carbon Dutch Carbon 36' racer-cruiser at http://www.polyworx.com/apz/dcarbon/. Dutch Carbon will exhibit at the Helsinki Boat Show from 9 february onwards and give a press conference on Friday February 10th at 15:15.

[top] Düsseldorf Boat Show - Dutch Carbon 36'

Press conference: Tuesday 24th Jan, 12:00 in hall 17, stand C36
Dutch Carbon yachts has presented the Dutch Carbon 36' all carbon racer-cruiser designed by Andrej Justin at the Düsseldorf Boat Show. On Tuesday 24th of January at 12:00 Dutch Carbon Yachts together with Hexion and Polyworx have given a press conference to reveal all the details about this challenging project. For more information check out the website: http://www.dutchcarbon.com.

[top] JISSE-9, Tokyo Big Sight, Japan

29th Nov. - 2nd Dec., 2005, RTM-Worx Short Course (Dec 2nd)
Mr. Shunichirou Hisada (Kamo Composite, Aichi, +81-561-36-7385) who represents Polyworx in Japan, will do a tutorial session about the RTM-Worx software. All attendees will get a temporary RTM-Worx license and learn how to model a part (a simple part is done as an excercise), run the simulation and interpret results. You will also get a lot of background information and Mr. Hisada will discuss material characterisation. If you are interested in RTM and/or Vacuum Infusion technology and what the value of the RTM-Worx software is, do not miss this opportunity to get detailed information and hands-on experience with our software!
Click here to register for the tutorial CAD/CAM/CAE sessions (in Japanese only).

[top] METS 2005, Amsterdam RAI, The Netherlands

November 15-17, 2005, stand 01.509
Polyworx will again exhibit at the METS in cooperation with Brands Structural Products BV. On Tuesday the 15th Arjen Koorevaar will present a paper at the European Boatbuilder METS Technology Forum 2005 with a lot of information about the technology developed in recent projects for Pantera Yachts (23 meter 55+ knots powerboat) and Southernwind Shipyard (100' sailing yacht). Do not miss it if you want an update on the latest developments in vacuum infusion technology!

[top] IBEX 2005, Miami Beach

October 19-21, 2005 - Miami Beach Convention Center, Florida, USA
At the IBEX, Arjen Koorevaar will be a speaker at the seminar, he will do session 203 with Bruce Pfund (Bruce Pfund/Special Projects LLC) and Thomas Thon (Rhebergen Composiet Constructies, Amsterdam) and the topic will be Resin-Flow modelling.

Polyworx will also exhibit at the IBEX: as always we will demonstrate the RTM-Worx software and show lots of applications were our CVI technology has been used. You can find us in the DIAB booth. DIAB has recently licensed the RTM-Worx software to have the ability to provide a more extensive service to their customers. DIAB will demonstrate the infusion process on a 13' hull and this time DIAB has done a Flow Analysis with RTM-Worx; you will be able to compare the prediction with reality and see for yourself what it means to do your trial infusion on the screen!

Polyworx has a new representative for North America: Mr. Andre Roy, Developpement AR Tech, Canada. You can contact Andre if you are interested in the RTM-Worx software or the Polyworx CVI consultancy service. Pay us a visit if you are at the IBEX and find out what CVI could mean for your business!

[top] Coming soon: more applications!

In a few weeks from now, the website will be updated with more application reports:

  • Infusion of deck and hull of the Southernwind 100' in Cape Town, South-Africa;
  • Infusion of deck and hull of the Pantera 76' high speed (55+ knots) powerboat;
  • LM 54 meter windturbine blade, with a special section about fast preprocessing (import geometry and material properties) using the interface with the MSC Laminate Modeller;
  • The NH90 trailing arm by the Dutch Aerospace Laboratories (NLR); the RTM process (filling strategy) for the combination of braided carbon and preformed lugs;
  • and more ...
The largest parts worldwide are made using our technology, supported by the RTM-Worx flow analysis software! If you want to be notified, add your email address to our mailing list (click here).

[top] JEC Composites Show, 5-6-7 April 2005, Paris Expo, France

We demonstrated the latest version of the RTM-Worx software, and several recent applications, including the infusion of the Southern Wind 100' (by Southern Wind Shipyard, Cape Town, RSA) and the technology developed in cooperation with Fabio Buzzi Design to infuse hull and deck of the Pantera Yachts 76' high speed (55+ knots) powerboat .

[top] METS 2004  (www.mets.nl)

16-17-18 November 2004, Amsterdam RAI, Stand 11.080

We have been invited by Brands Structural Products (www.brandscomposiet.nl)to join their stand. Pay us a visit for the latest news on resin infusion technology! You can find us in the "Holland Hal" (11), stand number 080.

[top] 45th International Boat Show Hamburg

Yacht Design and Yachtbuilding Symposium
October 29th-30th, at Hamburg Exhibition Centre

This symposium offers information that has never before been conveyed in this form and quantity and also serves as a platform for the exchange of ideas among yachting experts. Polyworx will contribute with a presentation about application of RTM-Worx flow analysis software for the design of infusion strategies for large boat hulls and decks.

[top] The 15th SICOMP Conference on Manufacturing and Design of Composites

27 and 28 September 2004, Säröhus (near Gothenburg) - Sweden

Two days full of interesting presentations! Arjen Koorevaar has made a small contribution by presenting the latest developments in RTM-Worx, illustrated by several case examples.

[top] JEC Composites Show, 30 March to 1 April 2004, Paris Expo, France

At Stand D 38, we have demonstrated the latest release of our RTM-Worx flow analysis software and shown total solutions for the infusion of large parts (yacht hulls and decks, windturbine rotorblades) that have been proven in practice: application of the software, infusion plans, video movies and photographs from several projects. Don't take any risks, find out how an engineered solution can save you lots of time and money.

>> Click here for a map to find us quickly when you are at the JEC!

A short list of recent projects (click the links for more information):

>>  Application of CVI for an Ian Farrier designed F-39 Trimaran
>>  Infusion of a 42' catamaran for African Cats, Durban, South-Africa
>>  Development of the CVI method (with epoxy resin) for the new African Fast 42'
>>  Infusion of the 'Skilla 2000' 20 meter powerboat hull for Classicon Composite Yachts
>>  CVI method developed for infusion of the Prinz 40' fly, for Prinz Yachts, Kroatia

[top] More applications of RTM-Worx

The RTM-Worx user base is quickly growing and as a result, our flow analysis software has been used in a large number of exciting applications. Some examples:
  • Trailing arm by the Dutch Aerospace Laboratories (NLR) in cooperation with SP Aerospace and Vehicle systems, Eurocarbon and MSC;
  • Infusion of a windturbine rotorblade by LM Glasfiber A/S - state of the art Vacuum Infusion technology and a very nice example what can be done with the combination of RTM-Worx and the MSC Laminate Modeler;
  • Infusion of several yacht hulls and decks: Standfast 43' (carbon/epoxy), Prinz 40' fly (glass/polyester sandwich), Classicon Yachts 20 meter powerboat hull (glass/epoxy) and more!

More about those projects will be added to the website in the near future. In the meantime, check out our posters/handouts for some illustrations:

>>  Controlled Vacuum Infusion (CVI)
>>  Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM)
>>  Virtual Boatbuiding (VBB)

[top] Prediction of Product Properties

At the JEC Composites Show in Paris, April 2003, MSC Software and Polyworx have presented a new software solution that allows you to decrease costs and increase the accuracy of your parts!

  • Import the model created in MSC Laminate Modeler in RTM-Worx to save lots of time and take the fabric deformation into account (as it will change fabric porosity and permeability);
  • Export results from the RTM-Worx temperature & curing analysis to MSC Nastran for accurate prediction of deformation due to thermal stresses! This very powerful capability does not just give you the ability to predict springback, but also to study the effect of process parameters and increase the accuracy of your parts!

Anaglyph has launched the new Laminate Tools (LT) 2.0. Using LT in combination with RTM-Worx greatly enhances the communication with other engineering software packages.

>>  go the the MSC Software website to read more about Laminate Modeler and Nastran;
>>  check out the Anaglyph website for more information about Laminate Tools!

[top] Black Metal or Black Art? 2003

A Review of Virtual Product Development Techniques for Composite Materials & Components
Wednesday, March 12, 2003
Williams F1 Conference Centre, Grove, Oxon, UK

Hosted by MSC.Software, "Black Metal or Black Art? 2003" is a free technology seminar designed to provide a state of the art review of virtual product development techniques for composite materials and components. Polyworx will contribute with a presentation of the advanced process simulation that is possible with the combination of the MSC Laminate Modeler and the Polyworx RTM-Worx software, which will be illustrated with applications in boatbuilding (the Maxi Jena 80' carbon/epoxy racer) and vacuum infusion of wind turbine rotorblades by LM Flasfiber A/S, Denmark.

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[top] Controlled Vacuum Infusion Technology

Because we provide software tools for new technologies, it is very important that we have knowledge of the injection process itself: it is the most important component of our support. From there, it is a very small step to actually implement the technology for our customers. This is exactly what recently happened with the Controlled Vacuum Infusion technology. Right now, we are doing several projects, which range from extended support in combination with a (temporary) license to the implementation of the technology to produce large composite parts (epoxy, polyester, vinylester resins and glass, carbon and kevlar reinforcement) - which includes knowledge transfer, testing of materials, measuring the permeability of the reinforcement, assistance with acquisition of equipment and materials, developing the infusion strategy and coordination of the first infusion(s).

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