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Vacuum Infusion is a promising technology for the production of large, high-quality, composite parts. Vacuum Infusion (also known as Resin Infusion, VIP and also regarded one of the specific processes refered to by the more general term 'Liquid Injection Moulding') adds improved worker conditions, emissions reduced to almost nothing and considerable savings on labor costs. In spite of all these advantages, general acceptance has been slow, mainly due to the high risks involved with trial-and-error methods due to just guesswork. Without a control method, all materials and labor are wasted if the chosen injection strategy does not work.

[top] Do your trial infusions on the PC!

A better method exists right now and we have called it 'Controlled Vacuum Infusion' (CVI). The costly trial-and-error phase has been replaced by FEM based simulations on the PC. Trial injections and overall optimization of the process can now be done in a very quick and cost effective way:

  • Optimise part injection: location of runners, injection and venting ports. Eliminate dry spots, calculate and reduce injection time.
  • Assess the impact of variations in resin and fabric properties, the effect of easy flow paths and establish your process window.
  • Gather much more feeling for the product by simulation of a large number of different cases in combination with only a few experiments.
  • Use the simulation in combination with a simple strip injection experiment to measure permeability of the reinforcement lay-up in your product.

You can acquire a license for the RTM-Worx software, but we can also do the calculations for you, including transfer of the necessary knowledge to implement the Controlled Vacuum Infusion Technology for your products. Our technology has proven itself in several projects: in each case our customer's first infusion of large parts like boat hulls and decks - up to 24 meter - has resulted in production quality.

[top] RTM-Worx

The flow simulation software makes it possible to eliminate the guesswork. Injection strategies that do not work are quickly eliminated and new ways to infuse parts can be tried out without any risks. It is not necessary to do costly trials in the mould and no labour or materials are wasted with the capability to test it on the PC first.

RTM-Worx is a very easy to use simulation code based on the Finite Element and Control Volume methods to solve the physical equations that govern flow of a resin through a porous medium.

You can import 3D models from STL, DXF and PATRAN files or enter the model directly using the integrated geometry editor. Special elements are available for the Vacuum Infusion process: add runners, easy flow paths with a few mouse clicks. For gravity, just indicate the direction. Make sure that the infusion will be fast enough and that dry spots in the laminate are avoided.

[top] Applications

RTM-Worx has already been applied for various products made with Vacuum Infusion. Some examples: yacht hulls and decks (up to 24 meter) (power-)boat cabins, windmill rotor blades and more. RTM-Worx has also been succesfully used for Resin Transfer Moulding of aircraft spoiler and stiffeners, hovercraft rotor blades, composite bus seats and a dormer window roof.

[top] Equipment

To use RTM-Worx you will need a Pentium II 450 MHz PC with 128 MB RAM, running Windows XP, 2000 or NT4, a graphics card with 8 MB RAM, capable of displaying 1024x768 16-bit colour and a 17" monitor. A 3D accelerated graphics card (with 32 MB RAM) and a 16-bit soundcard are highly recommended.

[top] Necessary skills and learning time

Anyone who has experience with a graphical environment like Windows will be able to use RTM-Worx within one day: build a model, run the calculation, view and interpret the results. Some knowledge of the Finite Element Method and experience with CAD and/or FEM applications is useful but not required. You will benefit the most from knowledge of and hands-on experience with the process.

[top] Polyworx

We are a company dedicated to the development and support of software tools for the plastics processing industry. With more than 12 years of experience in the application of numerical modelling technology in Resin Injection, reactive transfer moulding, thermoplastic injection moulding, extrusion, die design and diffusion we build the tools that allow you to get ahead of the competition. We participate in international projects to develop and validate new applications.

If you are interested in Controlled Vacuum Infusion Technology: we also do consultancy and can develop an infusion strategy for your product (using our RTM-Worx software of course) and advise you on materials and equipment - everything that is necessary to make sure that it works, starting at the first infusion you do!

[top] More information

>>  Contact us and/or order the Demo CD-ROM
>>  Example applications (RTM and CVI)
>>  RTM-Worx documentation
>>  Read about Virtual Boatbuilding

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CVI Simulations for infusion of deck and hull
Infusion of the hull of the Standfast 64'Infusion of the deck of the Standfast 64'

Infusion of the hull and deck of a 64 foot carbon/epoxy sailing yacht by Standfast, Breskens, the Netherlands
Simulation for infusion of the Gun Shield by Umoe Mandal
Trial infusion of the Gun Shield by Umoe MandalTrial infusion of the Gun Shield by Umoe Mandal

Gun shield (carbon/epoxy) by Umoe Mandal, Norway
Infusion of the hull outer skin by Bolt MaritiemInfusion of the hull outer skin almost finished
Check for leakage prior to infusionSimulation results show effect of gravity on pressure

Infusion of a 44' Satellite (Satellite Yacht Design) by Bolt Maritiem, Nieuw-Scheemda, The Netherlands. Colors in simulation results indicate pressure distribution due to gravity. More about this project:
Simulations for injection strategy of the hull
The dry carbon in the mouldApplication of the vacuum bag
Start of the infusionInfusion of hull (outer skin) finished

Infusion of the 80' Maxi Jena carbon/epoxy racing sailyacht by Technol Yachting, Izola, Slovenia. Design by Andrej Justin, mould built using the 3DW Mould Building system.
Simulation of infusion of the hull by CLS TUD-TNO
Preparation: applying the dry glass reinforcementStart of the infusion (full sandwich with balsa core)
Infusion of the hull of the Contest 55' by ConyplexDemoulding the infused hull

Infusion of the Contest 55 by Conyplex B.V., The Netherlands. RTM-Worx simulation and process development by CLS TUD-TNO, The Netherlands.


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